Resource Manager

The Resource Manager allows you to import and manage resources from JIRA.  This is accessed by clicking on Tools and then selecting Manage Resources.

Select the Project that you want to see the resources for by clicking the Browse Projects. 

There are 3 filters available:

  • Show resources in my Project Resource Sheet - If this is checked the list of resources shown will be limited to those that are already in the Project Resource Sheet.
  • Show resources in JIRA - If this is checked the list of resources shown will be limited to those that are in JIRA.
  • Prompt me for each resource - If this is checked when importing resources you will get a prompt asking if you want to add each resource.

The actions that can be done from this screen are links listed on the right:

  • Import All Resources in Project - You can specify a project using the Browse Projects and then import those resources into Microsoft Project. The Connector will scan through all of the issues in the specified project and create a list of unique resources that are currently assiged to issues in that Project. This provides a easy way to quickly get a starting resource sheet for your project plan. NOTE: This process can take time depending on the number of issues you have in JIRA. The Connector will scan through each of those issues.
  • Validate all Resources - This option will validate that all of the resources you have in your project plan are valid JIRA users.
  • Validate Selected - This option will validate only the selected resources you have to verify that they are valid users in JIRA.
  • Populate Resource Sheet - This option will take the users you have selected and create them as resources on your current project plan's resource sheet.  You will need to close the Resource Manager screen before you can see the resources on your resource sheet

You can also add resources manually by typing in the JIRA login and clicking the Import Resource button.  If you check the Add this resource to current project resource sheet then when the Import Resource button is clicked it will add the user to the resource sheet.