Shared Import Profile Configuration

Import Profile Sharing will allow your saved import profiles to be accessed by other users. This allows a team or group of users to re-use and share commonly used import profiles.

import profile sharing

To enable this option click on Configure, and then the Settings tab.  Place a check in from of Enable import profile sharing and then click on the Configure Directory button. Specify a network location that is accessible by all the users wishing to share import profiles.

Once configured, users will be able to share the same import profile with each other. 

This is done in the Manage Import Profiles screen.  Select the profile that you want to share and click the Share button.  There will be a question asking if you are sure you wan to share the profile.

share profile

After clicking Yes the profile will be moved from the Private Profiles tab to the Shared Profiles tab.  Now other users will be able to select this profile when using The Connector Import Wizard.